Meals on Wheels

HMT partnered with the Comal County Meals on Wheels in 2017. Each week, alternating HMT Team Members volunteer their time to deliver meals to families in our community. 

Habitat for Humanity

HMT volunteers with Habitat for Humanity throughout the year, helping members of our community build their homes and families' futures. 

The Pocket Testament League 

HMT is partnered with the Pocket Testament League helping support their mission to spread the Gospel.

Connections Individual and Family Services

HMT works with the residents of the TLP to provide mentorship and outreach to our community's youth. 


HMT is passionate about family and, through Chosen, has been given unique opportunities to sponsor couples in their adoption process. 

HMT is intentional in kindling new relationships, stewarding existing relationships, and sharing God's love always. We have partnered with multiple local organizations and are always on the look out for future partnerships in efforts help those in need.